Backing up data is critical for any enterprise to ensure business continuity. Taking some time to plan a backup strategy is crucial and there are a few questions that should be asked.

What should be backed up and how often? This is usually your company’s intellectual property as well as any data that is not easily re-downloadable from the internet. For example, the base RPMs from the install disk would be a waste of space to back up regularly but the database that runs your website along with all the necessary code and configuration files that make it work should be.

What type of backup media should be used? In today’s world online backups are growing more and more popular. They simplify backups quite a bit, no need to manually intervene to change medium, they are automatically shipped off-site

What software should you use? There are several open source and commercial applications available to backup your CentOS system, my favorite for most backup purposes is just rsync.

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