Minimal CD Install

Install CentOS Server from a CD

Follow these steps to install a minimal CentOS 6.3 server.

Step 1: Download the CentOS-6.3-x86_64-minimal.iso from a CentOS mirror, burn it and boot off it.

Boot Screen
The menu presented to you upon booting a CentOS disk.

Step 2: Select “Install or upgrade an existing system” and press enter.

What do those other options mean?

  • Install system with basic video driver – this option will walk you through the same installation options without the graphics and mouse, you get a console (ncurses if you’re familiar with that)
  • Rescue installed system – This can be useful if you have an installed system and something is wrong. You don’t want to overwrite what is there, but you need to get on and fix something when it isn’t booting on its own.
  • Boot from local drive – This is the same as not putting the CD in at all.

Media Test Screen
CentOS Server Install -Step-2 CD Media Test

A media test is only necessary if you don’t trust the CD you just burned or the media drive. If your CD is scratched or the media drive has been flaky, you might want to check it, otherwise it takes a while and is kind of a waste of time.

Step 3: Skip unless your media or media drive is questionable.

Splash Page
CentOS Server Install Splash Page

Step 4: Click Next

Language Selection
CentOS Server Install - Language Selection

Step 5: Select “English” and click “Next”

Keyboard Selection
CentOS Server Install - keyboard selection

Step 6: Select “U.S. English” and click “Next”

Storage Devices
CentOS Server Install - Storage Device Options

Step 6: Select “Basic Storage” and click “Next”

Storage Warning
CentOS Server Install - Storage Warning

Answer “Yes, discard any data” to the warning the pops up.

CentOS Server Install - Set Hostname 

Step 7: Enter a hostname for your machine and click “Next”

Note: This will automatically set you up to receive an IP address via DHCP. If you wish to statically assign an address, We can do that after the install.

Timezone Selection Screen
CentOS Server Installation - Timezone Selection

Step 8: Select your timezone (NY for me) leave “System clock uses UTC” checked off and click “Next”

Set Root Password
CentOS Server Install - Set Root Password Screen

Step 9: Enter a secure root password, then type it again to confirm and click “Next”

Weak Password Warning
Centos Server- Install Weak-root Password

If you entered a dictionary word, or otherwise weak password, you’ll get the warning above.

Disk Partitioning
CentOS Server Install - Partitioning Information

Step 10: Select “Use all space” and click “Next”

Initialization Warning
CentOS Server Install Disk Initialization Warning

Step 11:“Write changes to disk” when you get the following initialization warning.

Installing Packages

The server will automatically select the minimal install packages and start copying them to disk.

Reboot Screen

Once the packages finish installing you are brought to the reboot screen

Newly Installed CentOS Server Console

Login with username “root” and the password you set during installation.

You might want to

    • Shut off iptables and disable it from startup for now.
/etc/init.d/iptables stop
/sbin/chkconfig iptables off
  • Disable selinux
    sed -i 's/SELINUX\=enforcing/SELINUX\=disabled/g'/etc/selinux/config