Timezone Settings

Setting your timezone is pretty easy in CentOS 6. Login and as root, you’re going to just want to replace /etc/localtime with the correct timezone from /usr/share/zoneinfo

For example, I’ll set things to America/New_York for Eastern Standard Time (EST) from (MSD) which happened to be the default of this virtual machine.

Look at current date and time which shows the incorrect timezone.

[root@centhowto]# date
Tue May 7 18:34:22 MSD 2013

Now we’ll symlink the correct America/New_York timezone file to /etc/localtime.

ln -sf /usr/share/zoneinfo/America/New_York /etc/localtime

We now see the correct time displayed.

[root@centhowto]# date
Tue May 7 10:34:46 EDT 2013