multiple ssl certs in haproxy

Create combined cert/key for each domain

Site Performance on PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights Score - 97

This blog has pulled off a score 97 for Desktop, and a 95 for mobile on Google PageSpeed Insights

ifconfig on CentOS 7

No ifconfig in CentOS 7 Minimal Install

One of the first things that you might notice when logging into a new CentOS 7 minimal installation is there is no ifconfig command.

Using IPTables on CentOS 7

Replace FirewallD with IPTables on CentOS 7

FirewallD has replaced IPTables as the default firewall in CentOS 7. You can disable it and install iptables if you prefer.

We got a redesign!

Time Has Come For Changes

That old blogolife wordpress theme was getting tired. It served its purpose for a while, but CentOS HowTos has been migrated off of the LAMP Wordpress platform and onto a python based platform - Django Mezzanine, with Bootstrap3 as the frontend styling.